Abacus Math

Many parents in different parts of our country want their children to become cadets. Many parents are strongly attracted to the routine, disciplined life and the promise of a bright future at the cadet college. Because, for all of the parents, the beautiful life of the child, the beautiful future is more precious than their own life.However, even if everyone wants to, they can no longer educate their children as cadets. Cadet College Entrance Exam is currently one of the most competitive entrance exams in Bangladesh. At present, an average of 70 students have to compete against 1 seat in the Cadet College Entrance Examination. Again these cadet colleges are one of the best educational institutions in Bangladesh. And so the number of candidates for cadet college admission is increasing day by day. So, It is not possible at all to succeed in the Cadet College Entrance Exam without proper guidance and planned preparation.


Do you know what is more difficult? Cadet college entrance exam can be taken only once in life. And when the exam is so difficult, preparation should be done in that way. However, most of the sixth class students, even if they want to prepare for the huge syllabus of cadet college admission in one year, cannot master it.