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About Us

EduTune is the first learning app in Bangladesh, making education enjoyable to students. From academics to skill development - EduTune is making learning easier for you!

Our app has been designed to make learning more fun and interactive for students ranging from class 1 to 12, SSC & HSC examinees, and even for students preparing for the BCS exam! Here, you can find over 50,000 videos and 40,000 quizzes on a wide range of academic or skill development topics. Use our app to Academic, Skill development and more!   

It is operated from Bangladesh. We are aware that the world is shifting towards digitization, and the fourth industrial revolution is taking over the world. It is vital for citizens across the world to be well equipped with digital know-how.

With the concept of "Tune Your Study" EduTune aims to provide courses and training through the online platform for professionals. The aim of the initiative is to make them corporate ready and add value to their existing skills sets. 

Why you must choose EduTune- 

  • Video Lessons: EduTune has a ton of outstanding video lessons focusing on each of the topics of subjects relating to Science, Business Studies and Humanities including the common subjects Bangla, English, General Math and ICT. The video lessons unfold the basic concept of the topic with a lot of examples.
  • Unique Notes: Here you will discover the notes of examples and explanations with some interesting tips and tricks to learn your every lesson easily. We have divided the notes into two categories: Basic and Concept. 'Basic' is the fundamental understanding of the lesson; whereas, ‘Concept’ includes a vast range of written discussion of the topics.
  • Live Class: To get engaged yourselves with the top-class teachers of the country with an interactive way, you must join our live classes regularly. It will give you the opportunity to place your problems in front of the mentors and find the solution promptly. Undoubtedly, you will feel the flavor of learning not less than your school’s/college’s classroom.
  • Standard Exam: Test yourselves with what you have learned. Be sure of your progress and understanding by sitting for the online exam. Don’t worry, our online exams must be conducted by the lecture providing teachers. So, you will be evaluated in the best way than you could think.
  • Paper Evaluation: Our online exam is not just click based MCQ system. We provide written exam where your paper is evaluated in an amazing way you could never think. You will have your exam paper with the notes of your mistakes and their solutions provided by our most talented examiners. 

  Anytime, Anywhere: Watch our classes, Live or recorded, anytime from any of your devices.

Other Key features:

  • Never stop learning! The download option lets you access your learning materials even when you are offline.
  • Learn & practice Math, Bangla, English, Chemistry, Biology, etc., according to NCTB guidelines
  • Specially designed “Skills Section” has a wide range of courses to help you learn & practice Spoken English, Freelancing, Cartoon Animation, Microsoft Powerpoint, etc.
  • Track your progress in your enrolled courses, as well as assess your learning by taking quizzes.
  • Show off your newly earned skills with an official certificate from EduTune after you finish a course.
  • Our Instructors will also interact with the parents.

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